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Gwendlyn Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ Star, Ties the Knot with Beatriz Queiroz: Embracing the Title of Mrs. Queiroz

Gwendlyn Brown, the well-known personality from TLC, made a public declaration about her bisexuality in the previous year. In November, she gladly accepted a marriage proposal from Beatriz Queiroz, solidifying her new identity as Mrs. Queiroz. According to a report by InTouch Weekly, the 21-year-old star of “Sister Wives” exchanged vows with Beatriz in a cozy ceremony held in Flagstaff, Arizona. The following day, Gwendlyn shared an affectionate picture of herself and her now-spouse, captured in a passionate kiss. The backdrop showcased a radiant sign that proudly displayed the name “The Queirozes.”

“Say hello to mrs (x2) queiroz,” Gwendlyn wrote in her Instagram caption.

Alongside reposting the photo adorned with two ring emojis on her Instagram Story, the well-known TLC personality delightedly shared a video capturing the couple interlacing their arms as they took a cherished “wedding shot.”

Back in March, Gwendlyn disclosed her intention to change her surname once she exchanged vows with her fiancée. During an unboxing video of her YouTube Creator Award, which recognizes achieving 100,000 subscribers, Gwendlyn revealed that the accompanying plaque was initially addressed to “Gwendlyn Brown,” but in anticipation of her upcoming marriage, she had it personalized to read “For Gwendlyn Queiroz.”

Expressing her excitement about their impending wedding, Gwendlyn mentioned, “That’s what I’m going to be in, like, five months, less than five months. It’s coming up,” during her discussion of the couple’s wedding plans in that period.

Gwendlyn happily accepted a proposal from her partner, and she enthusiastically shared the significant moment with her fans on Instagram.

“I’m engaged!!” she captioned a photo carousel. The initial pair of images showcased Gwendlyn and Beatriz comfortably seated next to each other, while the subsequent two photographs were surreptitiously taken by a skillful photographer who managed to capture the tender proposal from behind some foliage.

Within her Instagram Story, Gwendlyn offered a glimpse of her engagement ring, which exhibited a distinctive emerald-style gemstone in an emerald cut, encircled by six smaller, dazzling white stones.

The proposal occurred just one month following Gwendlyn’s public disclosure of her bisexuality, which took place during an episode of “Sister Wives” in the show’s seventeenth season. In the October 2022 episode, she courageously stated, “I’m bisexual. I’m not only attracted to women, but also to men and individuals who identify with other gender spectra.”

Gwendlyn is among the six children of Kody and Christine Brown, the others being Aspyn (27), Mykelti (26), Paedon (24), Ysabel (19), and Truely (12). Both Aspyn and Mykelti have already entered into matrimony.

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