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Will Smith ‘embarrassed and hurt’ by Chris Rock’s remarks in Netflix special and wants him to let the slap incident go

Last year at the Grammys, Will Smith’s reputation was undoubtedly tarnished by his act of slapping Chris Rock. However, the response to Chris Rock’s recent Netflix special suggests that he may be able to restore Will Smith’s image with his own statements. In the special, Chris Rock addressed the incident and not only provided his own reaction but also launched direct attacks at both Will and Jada. As a result, Will Smith is once again upset with Chris Rock.

After the incident with Chris Rock, Will Smith promptly apologized to The Academy and released a public statement the next day. In the statement, Will Smith apologized directly to Chris Rock and expressed his desire to repair their friendship. He also referred to Chris Rock as his friend. Despite not receiving a response from Chris Rock, Tony Rock, Chris’s brother, took it a step further and challenged Will Smith to a rematch, involving the entire Rock family.

It is rumored that Will Smith has not personally watched Chris Rock’s stand-up routine on Netflix, but his team has informed him about its contents. After learning what Chris Rock said about him and his family, Will Smith is allegedly feeling hurt and ashamed. Reports indicate that sources close to Will Smith claim he is tired and has expressed numerous apologies. At this point, he hopes that Chris Rock will let go of any resentment.

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